About Laura


I’m Laura, the owner and designer behind Two Little Words Design Studio. Even though I am the creative director and designer I am certainly not a one-woman operation! Here at TLW my CEO status comes second to my main title… ‘Mummy’. Yip I am often at the beck and call of my two beautiful boys, Matthew and Connor, and my hubby Mark, who – aside from running Daddy day care every now and again to let me get some work done – is chief spell checker, assembly line operator and, most importantly, coffee maker here at Two Little Words HQ! I guess you could say it’s a bit of a family affair.

So I hear you ask yourself, what qualifies ME to create YOUR gorgeous wedding stationery?

(Aside from the fact I am a total stationery nerd who will stop at nothing to make sure your invitations are pure perfection!)

Let me share a few tales about my background and what led me here.

where it all began

Well, I guess you could say I am somewhat of a creative soul. I have a lengthy background in all things creative and have always been labelled ‘the artsy one’. From, ahem, wallpaper biro murals as a toddler (sorry mum and Dad!) to papercraft, painting, knitting and crochet. It was my lovely Granny who encouraged me to embrace my creative spark (and led me to develop an unhealthy stationery obsession.) I loved spending my weekends with her exploring new crafts, she always taught me to experiment and try something new even if the end result wasn’t always perfect.

To this day I still experiment with different materials, colours and fonts in my spare time which means I always have a fresh and unique way of looking at a stationery design.

Now it might seem fairly obvious to point out that I love stationery, it is my job after all. But my love has developed over the years from collecting pens in every colour to more refined tastes. I love nothing more than a gorgeous personal design, printed on beautiful textured papers and the luxe finish of a wax seal or hand tied silk ribbon. There really is nothing more beautiful than the way hot foiled impressions catch the light or the satisfying press of a stamp into freshly melted sealing wax!

(told you I was a nerd, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!)

fanning the flames

It is safe to say art and design had well and truly got under my skin by the time I reached secondary school. I was hooked! I studied fine art throughout school attending many a night class from life drawing to print making which really helped me find my style and hone my skills in painting and illustration, something that is clearly reflected in a lot of my work today. Fast forward a few years and I found myself studying creative advertising at university in Liverpool. Now, before you start to worry, I didn’t spend all of my time across the water wasting all of my student loan on stationery supplies, just most of it.

I also developed my skills in graphic design, how to use modern computer programmes to layout fonts and graphics as well as how to edit original artwork to create print ready designs. 

It is within this combination of illustration and graphic design that the magic happens. With Two Little Words, I have married both elements together, which allows me to offer a truly unique and tailored service to my couples. No matter your style or theme I can blend my skills to help create the perfect stationery for your perfect day. And what’s more, I can’t wait to get started.

fun facts


I am a coffee addict (although find me a parent that isn’t!) and am rubbish at making cups of tea. Fear not tea lovers, Mark is on hand for all tea making duties when you come for your consultation and failing that… there will always be great cake!


I LOVE to run – just call me Forrest. I completed my first marathon 1 week before my 30th birthday and just over a year after I gave birth to Matthew (pretty proud of that). It also means I can eat all the cake I want without feeling guilty!


I have a really guilty love for 80’s music from electro to dodgy rock… (I blame a David Bowie obsessed father and electro pop obsessed mother for this) you will quite often find me in my office singing, badly, to Duran Duran or Guns n Roses, sorry not sorry!

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